Dating and confused

In the beginning of may I bumped into a guy that I worked with in high school. We have bumped into each other through the years and always flirted but one of us always was in a relationship. I really felt like we had something special and it was finally the real deal and I’m hurt, disappointed and sad.

So we went out for drinks, he literally planned our 2nd date we even went out the first time. Thanks so much– Cindy ______________________Hey, Cindy… glad to hear your good experiences with the program…!

But now I’m starting to feel really vulnerable and can’t snap out of it!

Anyone have any words of wisdom, is he actually into me?

If he's saying he's missing you though, I agree with the PP - fix him down on a date at the time - a month in is about the time I'd expect to start the 'twice a week' dates.

Hi Carlos, I bought your program today and have already done 3 modules…..

When I was at the bar last week I caught him in a mirror watching me ordering drinks and sitting and smiling to himself which did make me feel good.

I really fancy him and even though it’s only been 4 dates I can’t get him out of my head and it’s driving me a little mad.

Remember, you don't yet know the real him, only his 'best representative'.

You are still at the 'interviewing' stage, so try to focus on if he is what you want, and if you are compatible, rather than imagining your wedding and babies etc (it may just be me who used to do that! Enjoy, OP xx @Christmas Fluff thank you for the message.

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