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There are some 1930s Parker date codes that have both two digits and dots.

Definitive documentation is still lacking, but it would appear that the dots in this context denoted the month of production within the quarter denoted by the initial digit.

In fact, Parker did set up a second production line to cope with postwar demand.

To free up space, Quink production was moved out of Parker's hometown of Janesville, to a new facility located some 235 miles northwest in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

The exception is late-production Vacumatics, assembled and date-coded in very small numbers into the early 1960s (late Canadian production was significantly greater, with pens typically bearing a single-digit date code in a much larger font than that used for USA pens.

A similar date code may also be found on other Canadian-made Parkers of the same era.

A commonly-repeated explanation is that the T indicates production at Parker's Canadian factory, in Toronto. Parker's Toronto factory was set up to get around the high tariff barriers between the United States and the British Empire and Commonwealth.

The British postwar economy was much weaker, with no corresponding explosion of consumer spending, with rationing on basic goods remaining in place until the early 1950s.

Setting up a new production line staffed by former ink workers, it would only have made sense to give the pens coming off that line a distinguishing mark to facilitate troubleshooting and quality control, which could be eliminated once the new line had proven itself to be running as smoothly and reliably as the old.

And that's exactly what we see when we count the numbers of "T" marked pens over their five quarters of production.

Another method of designating the quarter was used from 1987 on, in which the year letter was preceded by three vertical bars in the first quarter, two in the second, one in the third, and none in the fourth.

NOTE: Many 51s from 1946-47 bear a T prefix (the examples we have seen run from the 2nd quarter of 1946 to the 2nd quarter of 1947, with the T6 date code being the most common).

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