Dating a catholic priest

This does not mean that they cut different deals with different priests.

Instead, it seems that they base the rescripts on the same template (kind of like a form letter) and basically lay down the same rules for each priest who is laicized.

6) He can’t teach theology or any closely related discipline (e.g., religious studies, history of theology) in a non-Catholic university.

7) He can’t serve a director (e.g., school principal) in a parochial school.

2) He can’t serve as an extraordinary minister of holy Communion.

(The minor modifications would concern things like the name of the current pontiff, the fact that the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is now called just the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and updating the numbers of a couple of canons that allow laicized priests to hear deathbed confessions, since the numbers are different in the 1983 Code than they were in the 1917 Code).Problems, like the poor, we will have with us always, but with good humor, hard work and generosity people of faith have overcome greater problems than these.For a while I’ve been meaning to do a post on what former priests who have been laicized are and are not allowed to do, since questions come up about this periodically.However, believing that married priests are the answer assumes that they are mature, happily married men.With a bit of reflection anyone can see that marriage in and of itself does not automatically make a man mature, self-giving and happy.

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