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See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.Day Of Year is a Date Time concept of # of days this year, so it is an integer value between 1 and 366. Of course, since I don't understand why you would want this data, I am a little unsure of exactly the best way to get it.With our global acquiring and connections to over 150 payment methods, we help businesses grow in new markets.I am working on an project in which I need to find the date equivalent of current day from last year? Suppose if current year date is "02/26/2015 " then last year date would be "02/27/2015 ".See what @Arthritis_ARC Associate Scientific Director @Diane Lacaille has to say about finding satisfaction at work with RA on the #RAMatters At Work website: Gt Wj Wwxz5 3 facts, 5 friends. I hate mushrooms @Tiffany Kairos @Fye Alethea @Aintnoshamepain @Fergus Shelley @angie Rirvin Pierre-Auguste Renoir was one of the most influential #painters in #arthistory, but few people know that he suffered from debilitating #rheumatoidarthritis. @CAPA_Arthritis @Psoriasis Canada @anetto @whaaf @lf_brown @TO_dpr @c_reece5 @chroniceileen @Janet Gunderson @Mariah Forward…“I can’t count how many times a cute guy seems very interested in me until he finds out that what’s hidden behind the fit tattooed redhead is a #chronicillness he can’t possibly understand”: @creakyjoints @chroniceileen #RA #dating #society #relationships Beautiful flowers ftom my friends on the Arthritis Research Canada patient advisory board! #Arthritis Is Serious, please help others understand by OLMm Fpd #rheumatoidarthritis took away @chroniceileen’s career and made being a single mother even more challenging. You now have to live with pain all the time and you have to continue to function and live your life...

I want to live, not just survive."…However, we won’t limit you to just local matches: you’ll also find plenty of Greek men and women in Greece, throughout Europe, and around the world.To get started at Eligible Greeks, simply sign up for a free account.If you really want a day 365 days ago, just do that.Why do you believe your logic should change based on the leap year or not leap year?

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