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But a radical reworking of defensive principles is reshaping the way the old game is played, and even the way it looks.

If you cannot find the third baseman, he might be the one standing in shallow right field. That’s him on the other side of the diamond, next to the shortstop.

As a batter, he has been a victim of the shift for the past few years, perhaps explaining, in part, why his batting average went from .290 over his first four years in baseball to .249 since 2010, when teams began shifting on him regularly.

Ben Jedlovec is the senior vice president for product development and sales at Baseball Info Solutions, a company that was started by John Dewan, the author of the book “The Fielding Bible.” The company tracks every pitch and every play and provides software and tools to about two-thirds of major league teams.“There’s no end in sight,” Jedlovec said about teams’ willingness to employ the shift.

“We’re confident that it’s helped us get more outs than we would have without it,” Luhnow said.

The Yankees are second to the Astros with 223 defensive shifts in 2014.

Artwork suggests that before the 1880s, basemen would stand on top of the bases.

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There is evidence of the shift going back more than 130 years.

Some baseball positions as they have long been known are changing before our eyes.

The cause is the infield shift, a phenomenon exploding this year as more teams are using statistical analysis and embracing a dynamic approach to previously static defenses.

But from 2013 to this season, the rate of shifting in the major leagues has mushroomed.

Last year there were 8,134 shifts on balls in play.

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