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When you’ve got high balances on lots of credit cards, consolidating credit card debt may seem like an appealing idea.

By paying off a variety of cards with a new loan or a card at a lower interest rate, you can theoretically save some money and reduce your stress over finances.

Since my card is maxed out right now, should I ask the bank to raise my limit? The primary purpose of bankruptcy is to give a person who is unable to repay their debts a chance to start over financially.

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Learn more about our bankruptcy counseling service. In a settlement, the creditor agrees to accept partial repayment of the debt you owe them and stop further collection efforts.What is a debt negotiation company and how does it work?These companies work with your creditors to try and reach a settlement agreement.However, you may be eligible for reduced or waived fees. Every year, American Financial Solutions receives calls from thousands of people with questions about how to change their financial lives for the better. What is a debt negotiation company and how does it work? What is a Debt Management Plan and how does it work? I let my mother have 2 credit cards in my name about 5 years ago. I know that it is my name on the cards and I am responsible but I don't have the money to pay them. How can you re-establish/establish credit if no one will give you a credit card?

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