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Kimball crossed paths with him later at HBO’s Not Necessarily the News and Fox’s short-lived The Wilton North Report . I think of the vast range of possible things to watch at A. But before he could put out a single issue, the company was sold to J2 Communications Inc. “Being on-air is not a preference of mine,” said Mr. “There are people, like Craig, who love being on camera, and I’m not one of them.

“Conan was one of the first people I called when I took the job,” said Mr. M.-the people watching Jewels of the Hapsburgs on A&E, that’s my competition.” Although Mr. O’Brien’s young, male fan base is virtually identical to Mr. O’Brien has had six years to win them over to his own brand of irony. (the producer of Tim Conway’s Dorf on Golf video) and Mr. No matter; at the time, he was already a producer-performer for Ha! But I’ve learned how vulnerable performers are, and it’s definitely improved my bedside manner.” After Ha!

Kimball, put the network on the map and remains Mr. The experiment began in January of that year with State of the Union Undressed , a live, simultaneous commentary on President Bush’s speech by Al Franken and Mr. In 1996, he produced the Hub for America Online Inc., an attempt at comedic Internet programming that didn’t last long. Of his six-month experience with Soviet economics, Mr. Apparently, he expected to be in charge of everything from the editorial package to deciding what time the receptionist went to lunch … was simply astonishing to all.” When told of the characterization, Mr.

Kimball (who jumped in after Bob Costas bailed out). Kimball said, “It was like a long-delayed junior year abroad.” It was also typical of the breadth of his interests, which includes a passion for the spy thrillers of the 1920’s British writer E. Kimball said he has never read the book and does not recall ever meeting Mr.

(“It wasn’t in my underwear and it wasn’t ‘It’s Raining Men,'” Mr.

Kimball said, by way of a denial.) A few years older than fellow Lampoon alumnus Conan O’Brien, Mr. Kimball was tapped to edit the floundering National Lampoon , the seminal magazine that had descended into irrelevance. Kimball learned how to behave in front of a camera, hosting a talk show with Denis Leary called Afterdrive and a game show called Clash . Kimball found he would rather be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Indecision ’92 , the Presidential campaign coverage produced by Mr. He has also been a commentator for MSNBC on various different news events, “regardless of whether I knew anything about them.” In 1994, before he left for Ukraine, the New York Times Sunday Styles section covered his bon voyage party, a sign of his status in Manhattan society. Matty Simmons, in his 1994 book, If You Don’t Buy This Book We’ll Kill This Dog: Life, Laughs, Love and Death at the ‘National Lampoon’ , spends several pages slamming him: “Kimball had all the arrogance and assuredness that a Harvard education provides … Green didn’t help matters much when, an appearance on “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” he playfully refused to comment on the report.“It just went from there — and now it’s developed to a point where it’s just not funny,” Green’s manager Howard Lapides said.met, but the chances of them hooking up are about as likely as Monica visiting the Oval Office again any time soon.And Green is desperate to set the record straight because he fears his new girlfriend will think he’s two-timing her with the femme fatale whose trysts with President Clinton nearly brought down the White House.

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