Contract cleaners validating poor performance

The time has arrived for commercial businesses, particularly in the retail, industrial/warehouse, education, airport and office building segments to reconsider robotic cleaning. and counting In August 1983 my motivation to pursue and integrate robotic cleaning equipment into my business was ignited.

The principal performance challenges that these first-generation products encountered included: Accurate navigation Seeing and interpreting the working environment proved much harder in the field than in the lab.Over the next several years, this led to an expanding relationship with Transitions Research Corporation (TRC) led by Joe Engelberger, who became a life-long friend and my mentor.Joe’s enthusiasm for adapting robotic technology to floor cleaning proved instrumental in raising over million in funding from Electrolux to assist TRC in the development.Using the proceeds from the sale, we purchased the assets of Robo Kent from Nilfisk Corporation and began manufacturing and selling robots in our new company and under a new brand Intellibot During the next four years we raised an additional million in development funds but much to our disappointment became painfully aware that this level of investment was grossly inadequate.The business was ultimately sold to Henry Hillman of Axxon Robotics in 2003 and today the Intellibot robot lives on under the direction of Diversey.

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