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I mean, sure, maybe that kiss in the rain in takes the cake, but Nick Cassavetes isn’t exactly directing my life.So, I logged in, flipped on the zodiac filter (plus added a height requirement of at least 5’11″—in addition to zodiac sign, you can filter by things like height and activity level), and got to swiping.I’m a hopeless-romantic Pisces, and this innovation certainly appealed to my affinity toward drama and destiny.What’s more swoonworthy than finding soul mate by filtering via zodiac sign (i.e., the love language of the universe)?Astrological love matches are apparently more complex than analyzing just your sun sign (the one you typically look at when reading your horoscope), so I was eager to get her take on my sitch.For example, even though I have four planets in Capricorn, she tells me a Cap on his own will likely be too boring for me.

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You will be asked a series of questions which you must answer honestly. In my conversations with people who use the service and have an interest in compatibility, I’m often amazed by the number of people who misunderstand what compatibility is and what it is not. These are examples of the many fundamental questions we need to consider. If you are a hard worker who gets up early and stays late — you may look at a person who doesn’t as being lazy.I often tell a story about my sister-in-law who proclaimed, “This eharmony compatibility thing is crazy. This breeds a lack of respect with serious consequences.If you’re using eharmony, it’s likely you put some value on compatibility.After all, that’s one of the pillars of our matching philosophy. Do you feel that sex is a less pressing matter in your life? We’ve learned through psychological research and experience that two people who have different levels of this key dimension can have serious problems.

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