College campus dating website

"If somebody really has their heart on meeting somebody from Princeton, this is a great way to narrow down the search," Spira said.While Date My School's creators want to distance themselves from Facebook, Spira credits it for lifting the stigma surrounding online dating.Some have compared it to Facebook -- pointing out that the social network was also open to only college students when it began.

Date My School is the only dating site that specifies the user's alma mater.

"Usually, people have a date within the same day they register," Alexa said.

"If you go to any other dating site, you have to have conversations with other people for weeks before you can be sure it's safe, that (the person) is not a freak." With Date My School, there's an initial trust that stems from choosing dates who share common interests and live on campus or attend a nearby school.

On the flip side, men in the Business School often wished for more women study buddies.

If potential lovers weren't meeting in the classroom, the university needed a better platform for both sexes to interact.

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