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An MBA gives clinical professionals the managerial credibility they need to advocate for patients, guide policy decisions, and lead a diverse staff; a healthcare degree, in turn, gives management professionals an understanding of the specialized needs of the healthcare sector and how it differs from traditional business.

Masters of Public Health (MPH) and Masters of Health Administration (MHA) are the most common, though there are other variations.

While there are many degree programs designed to help prepare prospective managers for the ins and outs of health administration, the uniquely American interaction of business, government, and charity means that strong healthcare managers need to know more.

Positions such as biomedical technology management, pharmaceutical marketing, and global health consultants go far beyond traditional hospital management.

The American healthcare system is a complicated entity – not an entity so much as a collection of entities, some government, some private, some non-profit.

And the healthcare sector is ever-growing, as aging Baby Boomers need more medical care and the Affordable Care Act increases the demands on the insurance companies and makes healthcare more accessible for everyone.

The Value Colleges #1 dual degree value comes from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Universities are putting colleges and schools of business, public health, public policy, and others in conversation to develop dual programs, and in some cases different universities are even collaborating to meet the needs of a dual degree.

As a leading innovator in what were traditionally considered women’s fields, TWU has some of the most respected programs in nursing, health, and medicine in the nation, capitalizing on and transforming the limitations once imposed on women’s schools.

TWU’s School of Management offers a dual degree program in two of their most sought-after areas: the Executive MBA, and the Master of Health Systems Management.

That’s why Value Colleges has put together a definitive ranking of the Best Values in Dual MBA/Health Management Programs.

We considered all accredited US universities and colleges that offer a dual degree program (as well as a few that offer the same credentials without a proper dual degree).

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