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(Get my free e Book, Redeemed Like David: How to Overcome Sexual Temptation.) 3.Be the Type of Man She Would Want I know Christian women can have high expectations too, but, and this is just my personal opinion, Christian guys are usually way worse. It’s another conversation to talk about what should and should not be important.But what are you looking for when you ask her those questions about her past?You are probably asking her to be what you feel is missing about you.But I believe these 6 pieces of dating advice apply to many Christian men. Think About Your Future Together, Not Your Fantasy Men are usually much more visually wired than women.

So all I will say here is that many men have made an idol of a woman’s sexual purity. Of course this is not an excuse for men or women to do what they want and then have no consequences in life.

If she was living in sin at some point, don’t let that hinder you from seeing who Christ has made her right now.

Your identity needs to be rooted in Jesus, not in her and her perfections. Even if you think she has lived a “pure life,” that is not going to fill you and make you feel like the man you hope she will make you feel like.

Attraction is important, but attraction is a fickle thing when it comes to men and women.

You can be married to the most physically beautiful woman in the world, but if she disrespects you or thinks you don’t provide well or thinks your hobbies are a waste of time, I can guarantee your attraction for her will quickly fade away.

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