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There is a hatred there that my character feels for David Hayward.Jake had misinformation about Griffin, and everything was an untruth anyway, and as that gets unmasked and pulled away, I can do nothing but respect the man, the doctor.In fact, it was the identical scenario when I came to Pine Valley, and I was with and I had a ring around my neck on a chain.

Had you met Alicia Minshew (Kendall) before shooting AMC? I think he respects him on a professional level as a doctor, and I think to play it the same way would not be right at all.

However, now I am watching it come through on camera, so that is kind of cool.

MICHAEL: Jordi, being a newbie at AMC, are you enjoying your Pine Valley experience thus far? I get to work with some great people and I have a lot of great material and they have given me a lot of great story to play.

So now, as opposed to him being her lover, he was her brother somehow protecting her.

Jake to this day still does not know everything that happened there, but he and the audience are finding that out.

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