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Chipper was the number one overall pick of 1990 MLB draft and was Atlanta Braves primary third baseman from 1995 to 2012.Tristen is a teenage boy who is probably in high school.Till date, he has not disclosed anything about his relationship.In consideration of that, he is much into his studies.Therefore, it's hard to assume the body physics of the child who is developing his physical structure gradually.Moreover, Tristen has black hair clour, and his eyes are brown. But, recently, he was seen in his father's Instagram account celebrating father's day along with the family.

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He reportedly has a new girlfriend, which is really no surprise given his high status as a well-known retired pro athlete.“Good for Larry.

Further, they turned their three years of the romantic bond to marriage.

Their wedding was held on June 14, 2015, in a private ceremony.

So today we have brought you the article of an individual who is famous as the son of Chipper Jones who is none other than Tristen Jones.

Jones was born in 2005 to father Chipper Jones and mother, Sharon Logonov.

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