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On Ashley Madison, you can simply hide your profile using the “Profile Options” page.Selecting the box that says “Check this box if you wish to temporarily hide your profile” deactivates your account, but this preserves all your account details in case you want to return months or years later and pick up where you left off.

This weekend, a hacker group calling themselves Impact Team broke into the site and looked through its databases, finding that users' details aren't actually deleted after the is handed over.

Having had a check out of the website (and some puerile giggles at people's profiles) I promptly forgot about it and Gmail did its thing of filtering all of the updates into the social/promotional folder.

I've decided today to get rid of all my online dating profiles (not used them in years, have a longterm girlfriend etc.) and went to delete my Ashley Madison log on to discover that it wants to charge me £15 [approx.

Facebook will delete your profile and any pictures you've uploaded, but a spokesperson told Ars that Facebook can't take back messages you've sent.

OKCupid, too, told Ars that once a user deletes their account on that site, “any messages that have gone out act like e-mail; once they are delivered then the receiver can see them until they delete them.

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