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Annemarie looks at the blue trunk in the corner of her room. The only thing that has stayed the same, she concludes, is fairy tales.It is filled with Lise's trousseau, the linens and goods she was to use as a married woman. From the first moments of Number the Stars, Lowry explores the difficulty of understanding war when you are a child.As they part, Ellen admits that she was scared and Annemarie says she was, too. Kirsti gets to the door first and tells her mother what happened, exaggerating the story. The girls are to take a different route to school from now on. In bed, Annemarie considers how things have changed since the time when her father told the story of the soldier and the young man.They agree not to tell their mothers about the incident. Sweden is still free and King Christian is still alive, but her sister Lise is dead. Johansen about things Annemarie does not understand.

They set out, armed with wooden spears, and only Piggy and the littluns remain behind.His chute becomes tangled in some rocks and flaps in the wind, while his shape casts fearful shadows on the ground. When Sam and Eric wake up, they tend to the fire to make the flames brighter.In the flickering firelight, they see the twisted form of the dead parachutist and mistake the shadowy image for the figure of the dreaded beast.None of the boys sees the explosions and flashes in the clouds because the twins Sam and Eric, who were supposed to watch the signal fire, have fallen asleep.During the battle, a parachutist drifts down from the sky onto the island, dead.

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