Chace crawford carrie underwood dating

the pics of jc/chace are from 9/07; 12/07; elton then vegas.

it's just a bunch of complete bullshit that chace was "attached at the hip" with jc between dec and march.

Also the vid of them leaving the Delano Hotel, didn't seem like they were crazy about paps in their face.

We also know that Just Jared is getting kickbacks from the CW"No, hon, we don't "all know" these paranoid delusions of yours.

It's been explained to you -- repeatedly -- that it makes no sense that Chace's PR flack would plant items with the tabloids indicating that his client is a perpetual womanizer.

Then Chace was in LA for the Oscar party and a few days later he leaves for Vegas...well, people wondered.

If Chace was such a 'pussyhound' why did his publicist plant a bullshit story to US Weekly claiming that Chace was spotted 'platonically' kissing a waitress in February 27 and that a few days later he went to see Carrie Underwood? It was nothing romantic." In fact, says the source, Crawford and Underwood (who have dated since last July) are so solid that he even joined her on tour a few days later.

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