Centralab pot dating

As to the Centralabs, I have since found out that one of the secrets to their tone and why they have generally lasted so long is because the carbon track has a percentage of lead added in.

Like putting lead in gasoline back in the 60s to keep your valves from wearing out, lead in the carbon track added lubricity and longevity, something modern pots totally lack.

Please write if anyone other has the same experience or something to add. Most of my guitars, new and old have vintage Centralabs in them.

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I read a thread on another forum where the person bought 1 Centralab pot dated to 1958 with a broken leg on the knob end and missing one of the soldering tabs for 0 and he thought he got a good deal. One thing with buying old pots is to get a can of Caig Deoxit D-5 "contact restorer".I really have to get those old Centralabs because it change my guitar so much to the better.Also everytime i have tried other old Les Pauls, SGs or 335s and liked it it was with old Centralabs and Bumblebees.I cleaned it, re-tensioned the wiper, lubricated it and it's been perfect for years since. Cost more to make a wider track that's 500k vs a narrow track that's 500k.. I know there are some here who have had pots custom made, maybe they can chime in.Yes indeed there are something speciall about the old Centralabs. Some say that the Centralabs stop around -65, is that true? I think it comes down to the material used for the track..

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