Did you know: nearly 18 million people visit Pattaya Beach every year!But Jared Loptman was hopeful that he could meet his match at the event.OK, so we admit there is sex in the city but there is so much more to this wonderful seaside resort, four million tourists each year can’t be wrong.Only 90 minutes south of Bangkok airport and thousands of miles from stress.However it is no worse than Indonesia, India or Brazil, so just be careful. Check out some of the strange & weird sights in flirting with danger, 80% of the operators are running scams, when you return the ski they will claim you have damaged it and try to extort huge sums of money from you. Pattaya Beach live webcam Pattaya Beach live webcam only shows you a small part of this great holiday location.


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I did not meet the religious (or spiritual, or atheist) man of my dreams, but I did laugh — a lot.

And I scored one late-night invitation to come over to someone’s house in my pajamas, which I declined.

That's because some people who work there say they are struggling to make ends meet.

Stacey Butler reports from Anaheim where several Disney unions met to discuss wages tonight.

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    Designed by leading Italian urban planners and architects, mostly between 1930 and the 1960s, this architectural ensemble reflects the ideas of the Community Movement (Movimento Comunità).