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Indeed, shortly after the image went online, Khieu Sopheak was quick to point out that “in Cambodian constitutional law, there is an article that stipulates that the King cannot be harmed.But no other articles mention that it is illegal to insult the King, so it depends on the judicial system.” And, as legal expert Sok Sam Oeun told the on December 26,“if there’s no punishment in the law, we cannot punish anybody.

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“Since I was a teenager I wanted to stand on a stage, and for many people to come and see my show. But most of them could not choose what they are born to be, man or woman.” He says Cambodia is similar to Thailand 50 years ago when the ladyboy culture was not as widely accepted, something he hopes to change.He has already encountered some wariness from locals: “The rumour came out, this is a gay show, like a sex show.No, we are cabaret, we are like a drama.” So will ladyboy cabarets ever become as popular in the Kingdom as in Thailand? There was some humour with a chubby, Japanese-style geisha act who wiggled her way into the whooping audience, much to the delight of one gentleman who planted a kiss on her cheek.All in all it had the feel – as the name suggests – of a West End or Broadway musical.

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