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Plus, the sequence that led to Nigel-Murray's death and the final showdown between Booth and Broadsky were very expertly staged.

Best romantic moment, Booth/Brennan division -- The proposal scene from "Secret in the Siege" was good, but a small scene a few minutes before that, when a freaked-out Brennan calms down and tells Booth, "You are not allowed to die" in a very soft voice was smokin' hot, IMO.

Now she dresses like a grandma and talks in a robotic yet shrill voice all the time.

I wonder if it's a conscious choice or just ED aging.

Truly a bad decision, but Zach was always going to be written out that season. Supposedly, a 40-ish woman can subdue a man the size of Boreanaz, pick him up, cart him down a fire escape, load him into a vehicle, then unload him into a boat and then carry him up a ladder from the water to the boat's deck, then down into the hold and into a small submarine that's INSIDE THE HOLD, all by herself with no help.

Who are your favorite and least favorite characters?

This is the place to discuss all that and more :) IMO, what Bones has done best, especially compared to a lot of other shows, is develop secondary characters like the Squinterns, Max and Caroline.

" to "Dad, the keys are in the car, get out of here before the FBI sees you." It's glorious when she beats the hell out of a bounty hunter while screaming "Where's Booth?!?! The moment when Booth starts singing Brennan's father's song with her breaks the adorableness meter.

Best Montage: Speaking of montages, gotta go with the families visiting through the quarantine glass .

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