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The gunman's sister was one of nine people killed in a shooting early Sunday in downtown Dayton, Ohio, police said.At least 27 others were injured when Connor Betts, 24, fired an assault rifle in a popular nightlife district about 1 a.m., authorities said.

The friends would talk music and pop culture, he said."It's a kick in the teeth" to the Bellbrook neighborhood, Howard said. Most people arrived via ambulance or police car, but several others arrived on foot or by personal vehicle later, Marriott said.A time when any woman could be accused of being a witch on a whim.The words come from the transcripts of one of the trials in connection with a plot, by Francis Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, and others to kill the king.Mike De Wine said in a statement that he was "absolutely heartbroken" and ordered flags flown at half-staff. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, tweeted, "It is beyond time for our leaders to do what is necessary to enact laws that keep guns out of the hands of people wishing to do harm. #Enough Is Enough #End Gun Violence"President Donald Trump tweeted, "The FBI, local and state law enforcement are working together in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio. Information is rapidly being accumulated in Dayton.

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