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During any conversation, Chinese counterparts will often nod their heads or make affirmative utterances. Chinese meetings are highly structured and interjecting beyond a quick remark is considered rude.

These are signals that they are listening to what is being said and understand what is being said. Also, don’t put anyone on the spot by asking them to provide information they seem unwilling to give or challenge a person directly.

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Losing a client and gaining a business partner may be worth considering.Tina Mosetis started her public relations firm Mosetis PR in 1994.A couple of years later, Mosetis thought she might benefit from having a business partner.It may be because you realize that you don't have all the skills your company needs to make it to that next level, or maybe you need a deep-pocketed partner.Whatever your reasoning, if you're searching for business partnerships, you may be wondering where to look.“The where is anywhere and everywhere," says Andrew Legrand, a small-business attorney in New Orleans.

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