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No, none of this is meant to scare anyone or say that one’s initial perceptions of someone are always incorrect.I’m only saying that a relationship is a commitment and first impressions can be misleading. The college experience in its entirety, especially the transition into it, is an entirely new and potentially, if not usually, frightening time in a student’s life. I’m not, in any way, trying to insinuate that it isn’t.

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Though it didn’t turn out as I had hoped, I’m nonetheless grateful that it happened because I was able to walk away from the ordeal with a few lessons in mind.Perhaps one of the more enduring questions, one that may continue to be answered throughout the entirety of my Brown career, is how my own sexuality will affect my college experience. Dating in general…but in special reference to Brown.So, I have taken it upon myself to use this blog to contribute any kind of insight that I can about LGBTQ life at Brown and hopefully, in some way, help any student, prospective or otherwise, put some of those nagging worries to rest. So we might as well just accept it and get through it with as few scars and psychological issues as possible. I’ve been at Brown now for almost two months and I have already noticed a few things about dating and what is referred to the “hookup culture” on campus.In any and all cases, just remember it’s always better to make sure one really knows a person before making such a commitment. Especially as a first-year, there are so many obligations to tackle and novelties to decipher that the first few months are already overwhelming enough without adding the stress that comes from balancing a relationship. I’m saying that if you’re one of the perhaps many potential or even current students that want a relationship or don’t necessarily feel that you need one but feel as though you should be feeling this way, take a moment to pause. These are all things that are vital to one’s degree of self-sufficiency in college and thus must be understood. Yes, it can be very important but it’s also not a bad idea to focus on yourself in the beginning.If it happens and one can balance everything, that’s spectacular and exceptionally impressive. My warning is not against relationships in the first year or even trying something out with someone you’re interested in. The relationship you’re craving will come naturally, without you having to consciously dwell or make it happen. My best advice is, please forgive the cliche, be yourself and the right people will gravitate toward you.

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