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Manufacturers of health care instruments and equipment may not provide adequate cleaning and disinfection instructions. When the research has not kept up with practice and evolving technologies, established principles of infection prevention will be used to provide a "best practice" recommendation.

Remove gloves after contact with a patient and/or the surrounding environment (including medical equipment), using proper technique to prevent hand contamination.Wear gloves with fit and durability appropriate to the task.Nonlatex is preferred due to increasing incidence of patients and HCWs with latex allergies. Zero tolerance means the health care organization must implement measures that prevent all health care-associated infections to an irreducible level. Standard Precautions for Patient Encounters and for Surgical Procedures A. "One" health care-associated infection (HAI) is now considered too many and there is a national initiative from IHI that states' health care organizations are required to have "zero tolerance" for health care-associated infections.

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