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“That’s my man,” she said, sighing and gazing at him wistfully. ” "The signature Metric idea is that the sweet spot in music and in life comes from luxuriating in the battle and then celebrating fiercely when you win." We were all tucked away downstairs at New York’s favorite exclusive rock bar, The Cabin, attending the listening session for the Canadian band’s new album, . “You’re blushing,” she said laughing, then snapped her fingers and her husband, an insanely affable and dapper South American artist and musician Haines met on an airplane, appeared with a bottle of champagne, offering refills.Upon returning to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he met Emily Haines, and the two began dating and making music immediately. His early efforts to make sure that former high school friends Haines and Kevin Drew remained friends helped the evolution of the band Broken Social Scene.Shaw produced the debut album of the Montreal band The Lovely Feathers (who toured with Metric in 2005).Now with Synthetica, the next level of their career's structure reaches further skyward.Shaw notes that while each stage of their career's construction has been just as hard-earned, their success has matched it, and with every step they have moved up to "a different spot on the staircase." Haines agrees: "We've always been on this kind of slow and steady trajectory, but it feels on a different level." Synthetica is at once darker and more hopeful than anything they've done before.

Rather than completely rebel against that success, they seek control it - to retain their integrity through deliberate management.

The record's themes question the reality of the outside world while ruthlessly examining the truth of one's own identity.

Far from being an abstract idea examined from a clinical distance, these questions are intimately connected to Metric's concerns about their own career and personal lives.

Haines reflects that "every person is evaluating their life, thinking: 'Am I the person I am meant to be?

' As the person who writes the lyrics, it couldn't be more personal.

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