Are demi lovato and niall horan dating

At that time Celeb Dirty Laundry called BS on the entire showmance – and of course we were correct.Niall is a total stud who has literally millions of women dying to get with him so why would he go for seriously damaged goods like Demi? So now we are expected to believe AGAIN that Niall and Demi are enjoying a casual romance – all cute and teenaged. Tell us dear readers, can you believe that Demi and Niall are dating for real?The Irish singer confirmed that he is indeed flirting with Demi and they even had a mini-date via Skype. Are you going to come to one of our shows in the US this Summer?

He is an amazing listener and makes me laugh a lot, two of the main qualities I look for," Lovato was quoted as saying in the Mirror.

An eyewitness told Celebuzz that the pop stars seemed to have a good time and "it looked like a first date".

Lovato, though, has constantly denied any relationship between her and Horan.

But could their busy schedules make it impossible for these two to actually connect physically?

Who knows for sure but at this point, it’s good PR for the both of them because now Niall is talking about his relations with the just recently rehabbed starlet. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Lovato’s back up vocalist Shari Short was present during the Skype date and exchanged a tweet with the One Direction star saying, “Niall Official it was nice to meet you over Skype with @ddlovato.

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