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So these agencies are in effect traitors to their own country.On this basis, it is very hard to see how Anastasia Date can claim it provides a genuine environment for men to find a partner.But I am aware that there have been at least two complaints.Interestingly Anastasia Date advised both complainants that there had been no other complaints as well.There have even been suggestions that she works regularly as an escort and party girl but nothing has been confirmed.

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Anastasia Date has a profile for Marina (ID: 1792744). She had a career as a model but that career has pretty much died (apparently in part because she was unreliable owing to party issues).It also appears that many of the agencies in Ukraine have links to organised crime.Some of the funds that come from this activity go to Russian mafia organisations, some go to Ukraine and Donetsk mafia figures (one of the owners of Anastasia Date is a well known Ukraine crime figure), and some go to funding the separatists in east Ukraine.Marina also has a listing on Interpol from her overseas activity.Marina has been online dating for years and has several listings on scam sites. One of those scam reports refers to her boyfriend Igor but that is because they made a mistake as Igor is actually part of Denis’s family name. So despite Anastasia Date’s claims they check that the girls on the profiles are genuinely looking for a partner, it seems that Marina already has one, but because her relationship with Denis is not registered and they manage their social media profiles so that no images appear, they can get away with it.

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