Alternative to internet dating

There’s an app for pretty much every niche you can think of, which can be helpful for some, but overwhelming for others.Moreover, dating apps are all very similar and it often feels like you always see the same profiles.

Women, in particular, report receiving inappropriate (or just plain weird) first messages from men.

Many young people experience what is known as “online dating fatigue.” The main reasons people end up deleting online dating apps is because they are tired of sending messages and putting time and effort into something that never goes anywhere.

Research shows that 83% of those in the millennial age group spend up to two hours a day using dating apps on their phones.

Rather than waste your own time staring at a screen for two hours a day, why not opt for a more traditional dating site that will do the work for you?

Even though dating apps are fun at first, they quickly become boring and can leave you discouraged when you don’t find a good match.

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