Allison iraheta adam lambert dating

It just sounds like bubblegum pop good for teenyboppers, with a hint of Miley Cyrus to it (oh noes! And to think I thought Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” was a bit overproduced. v=h Rg Xcbc X-DM Adam Lambert interviews Kris Allen httpv://

v=TCYYp7i49t Q These two seriously need to host a variety show (SNL, anyone? And what good is without Allison Iraheta to complete the awesome trio that is Kradison? v=MEJv LLgp HSg Kris Allen interviews Allison Iraheta httpv://

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That’s what Adam Lambert discovered a couple years ago at Burning Man, the annual utopian festival in Nevada.

v=ZRv40-DEeh8 Now here’s a bonus clip of the Top 10 Idols rehearsing “Don’t Stop Believin'” for their Idol Tour: httpv://

v=Gnbgukzb Fg4 I seriously liked their Top 8 rendition better.

Here’s a picture of Kris Allen wearing his: magazine.

Now that it ‘s officially settled, we can move on with our lives now.

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