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If you are particularly sensitive to the thoughts of others, you should not spend a lot of time chatting with random strangers online.

Although the insults are not spoken face to face, they can have a lasting effect.

Children and the elderly who chat with random strangers online are particularly vulnerable because their inexperience in the digital world means they do not always recognize the signs of being fooled.

When chatting with strangers, be wary of anyone who seems too good to be true.

It is better to offend chat strangers who actually do need help, than risk your financial stability.

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Child pornography is illegal, and it is a very real threat in the online world.

Updated July 12, 2019 The internet brings people together; there is no doubt about that.

Never before have people on opposite ends of the globe been able to speak to one another as if they were side by side.

Do not respond to unsolicited emails or messages from people asking for financial help.

Popular internet scams include the "Nigerian Scam" and various fake accounts posing as disaster relief services.

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