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She looked more like 30 than 44 and I complimented her on that.

I offered her coffee and then we sat and talked, she in my recliner and me in my desk chair.

"It looks like you're for me to reciprocate now." I said as she came to me putting her arms around my neck. When my hands found her breasts she started to moan.

She has really nice tits, but she started to apologize for them being so small.

" "As I said, I want to help you with that." (pointing to my crotch). She sucked and licked me clean and ask if I had something to drink.

After the introductions I ask her if you would like for me to reciprocate. I invited her back any time she saw me home and she said she would be coming to see me soon. I should add, she was a somewhat attractive red head, about 5'6". She was wearing a coat and sweat pants and kept them on the entire time she was with me. Overall if we return to Belize, (which we will) I would rent here in a minute! If you dive consider Belize Pro Divers, they are terrific and will pick you up at the dock. You will need a golf cart rental to take a 10 minute ride into town to go to the restaurants and shop but this was a unique experience and we enjoyed it. A lady I had never seen before stood waiting, looking around and began to knock again.

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