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Often insurance companies do see these as medically necessary but may not cover the full cost the clinics (often out-of-network) charge.

So for your future financial planning, assume k to get started if she needs them to get/keep a job.

A person's impairment may also depend on variables such as the medications he is taking and the amount of sleep he got the night before.

Acevedo et al.'s objections to the legal definition of intoxication highlight the absurdity of drawing an arbitrary, breathalyzer-based line between sobriety and criminal intoxication.

I'll spare you the entire story, but the doctor tried to re-attach as much as possible. My wife just accepted an early retirement package from teaching at 42 but we don't want to touch her retirement yet as there will be penalties.

He's hopeful the pinky and the index will heal but there are no promises. She was moonlighting at the local hospital as admin but now typing fast will obviously be an issue so who knows if she will even have a job. Does anyone know of any routes we can take right now? We have some savings but bills will pile up quick and I don't want to go into this blind. Edit: We are in PA if that helps Edit 2: Well, it seems that she is not covered under our homeowner's as she is listed as a primary owner and not a 3rd party.

Loss of digits is usually covered, hope this helps.

We have already requested Dragon voice to text and I've ordered a one handed keyboard for her to start getting used to using.

The right solution, however, is not to push the artificial line back farther.

Instead we should get rid of it entirely by repealing drunk driving laws.

So my wife was cutting wood on a table saw on Friday morning and the cat brushed up against her.

And yes, this is going where you think it's going.

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