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The central islands have a continental shelf and are granitic, while the outlying ones are flat coral islands. The capital, Victoria, is on the main island, Mahé, at a spot where the island of Saint Anne creates natural harbor.The country has a large number of native species, especially birds and plants. The population was 79,164 in 1999 and is growing slowly as a result of out-migration. The official languages are Seychelles Creole, French, and English.The country became independent from Britain in 1976, with the exception of the islands retained as the British Indian Ocean Territory. The winner of the first election for the presidency, James Mancham, favored integration or close ties with Britain; his main opponent, France Albert René, saw this as a danger to the national identity, which he considered African. The Gran'bla wanted to reestablish ties with France.

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With the decline of the plantation sector and agriculture in general the traditional lay out of the courtyards are disappearing. Upper-class Creoles eat meals that consist of both fish and meat.New houses are often constructed in an architecture common to many former British colonies, such that there is often a flat roof with a slight slope and windows with many horizontally arranged panes that can be tilted in order to allow easy circulation of air. The staple is curry and rice, which may be eaten two or three times a day. Alcoholism has been prevalent, partly because the plantations used drinks as payments and incentives.Among the working classes drinking tended to be solitary.After the opening of the international airport in 1971, tourism became important.Segmentation of the economy into the tourism and plantation sectors developed. There was little scope for expansion of the plantation economy or for increases in wages, since the wage-paying potential was fixed by international prices of plantation crops.

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