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To the extent that some members of a marginalized group require that plausible or even factual ideas not be discussed, they need therapy more than advocacy.Most people have various identities and life narratives, and few of us enjoy it when these are challenged.SSSS officials and membership discussed the incident. I believe it is also a terrible statement: poorly reasoned, cowardly, and exactly opposite of what it should have been.On November 15, 2018 the SSSS Executive Committee sent a mass e-mail entitled “Important Message to SSSS Members & Annual Meeting Attendees.” The message expressed concern, not about Milrod’s behavior, but about Hsu’s presentation: The SSSS Executive Committee is aware of past and more recent incidents of language and behavior that has [sic] made transgender persons and other attendees feel unwelcome, unsupported, marginalized, or attacked at our Annual Meetings. We want to assure all Members and attendees that we fully support you and stand with you. To the extent that the SSSS statement reflects the direction of that organization, SSSS is headed toward ruin, or at least ruin as an organization ostensibly supportive of scientific sex research.

It is not possible for a scientist to provide good evidence regarding the accuracy of an identity or narrative without questioning it.By bringing these two concepts together into a single standard, it is possible to explain the relationship between them and provide context for their appropriate use.In practice, it is expected that most users will need to collect only one of sex or gender to meet their statistical needs.Supporting transgender persons who oppose autogynephilia theory is failing to support (or more accurately silencing) those who support the theory. An advocate would go with the majority, I suppose, although it would be difficult to get an accurate survey count.A scientific sex researcher would open discussion, weigh in with knowledge and data, and feel no compunction.

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